Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tequila Morning

Back in 1998, I won a fellowship, which allowed me to travel to Mexico to research a play I was working on. It wasn't a photographic deal, but I certainly didn't want to go there without a camera, so I bought a neat little Nikon point and shoot...I forget the model. As a lifelong Canon user, it's the only Nikon I ever owned, and it was a sweet little bugger. This was taken on a bright, hazy morning in Cuernavaca and then toned in PhotoShop to give it a kind of amber feel...much like the color of a very popular Mexican beverage...given that the subject was a cantina. I meant to return and partake of said when the sun got over the yardarm, but I never made it back to this very Old Mexico establishment. A couple years later, impulsively, my sister-in-law gave me her medium-format Yashica twin-lens reflex, and I insisted she take the Nikon. Hate to admit it, but it was a damn good camera.

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