Friday, April 4, 2008

Blue Weather*

An appropriate image for today's weather. Not much to say about it except I'd just been handed my coffee, turned around, and there it was. As Northwest Noir as it gets.

Tech: Canon PowerShot S3.


Travis Bedard said...

I really love this.... this IS a show.

Mead said...

Steve, this site is a welcome addition to the blogosphere, thank you. No pressure, but I'm going to be disappointed on any given day when I check back to find no new photo posted. And you know what happens when I get cranky -- I can snap! like a biscuit.

I like the sense of theater inherent in today's posting.

splattworks said...

Thank you, both. I have a fair backlog of work that's never seen "the light of day" so to speak, so I figured this was an enjoyable way to put it forward.