Thursday, September 18, 2008

Point Lobos

Last year, I visited Point Lobos in California. Just south of Carmel, it's amazing confluence of sea, stone, weathered cypress, and devastating landscape. For years, photographer Edward Weston, one of the art's greatest practitioners, lived nearby, and he basically spent the last 20 years of his life photographing the Point (along with nudes, portraits, dunes, still lifes, and trip across America for the Guggenheim Foundation). After visiting there, I can understand it: you could photograph the place day after day after day. I just had one; I'd love to go back. This was shot with a Canon IS S3 digital, then was toned in Photoshop. I must have 20 rolls of Point Lobos shots on film in the refrigerator, still waiting for developing and printing, when I manage to find time amidst all the other crazy stuff I'm doing.

Edward Weston's work led me, many years ago, to pick up a camera. As with many photographers, I owe him an unpayable debt.

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