Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Portrait of an Actress

Well. Been away from this blog for way too long. I've been so wrapped up in theatre production and writing that I haven't had much time for photography. Planning to get back to work on angels+demons shortly. This shot was taken with a set-up very similar to angels+demons, except it was shot on Ilford black&white film, with a Canon T-90, if I recall. The model is Laura Smith.




Mead said...

Such a soulful picture of Laura. Lovely and searching. If I didn't know it was part of a particular shoot, I would guess you shot it for the piece you wrote for The Clearing -- really captures the aching quality of that play, doesn't it?

splattworks said...

Thank you, Mead. This was actually taken well before The Clearing. Who knows...maybe it subsconsciously influenced the character I came up with, even though I didn't know Ms. Smith would be playing that role.